We would like to inform you that the first of the developed unmanned systems that was directed to commercialization is the ‘anti-smog dron’ with the full trade name of Pelixar LSMA-PM MRe-X8, in short Pelixar LSMA.

LSMA is an Airborne Atmosphere Monitoring System (Lotniczy System Monitoringu Atmosfery) with Particulate Matter (PM) sensor.

The system is being intensively conceptualised and the project is divided into several development stages.

Stage 1 is a fully functional measurement platform demonstrating the LSMA technology.

The first such set has just been ordered by the Elbląg City Hall.

The project is a developmental one, we will keep you informed about its progress and established cooperation within the scope of creating this technology.

Currently, the system is equipped with a measurement module developed by our technical department for remote reading and registration of particulate matter type PM25 and PM10, the module also has an integrated thermometer and hygrometer, whose purpose is to control and register atmospheric conditions during reading. Registration of parameters takes place on board of an unmanned aerial vehicle and is sent to the operator’s stand allowing for reading the parameters during the flight. Readings from sensors allow for real-time remote analysis and registration of exceeding air composition parameters in the monitored area.

Stage 2 of project 3 will be described in the near future when negotiations with partners are completed.