Implementation and intersystem integration

We offer inter-system implementation and integration of unmanned aerial systems.

The necessity of intersystem integration occurs in situations when the purchased unmanned technology has to be combined with the current technical infrastructure of the ordering party.

The need for implementation occurs in the case of more complex projects whose implementation is divided into stages.

The offer of cross-system integration includes an advanced feasibility study, including:

  • analysis and evaluation of technical parameters of integrated subsystems and components,
  • analysis and validation of real performance of subsystems and hardware components,
  • analysis of subsystem integration capabilities, analysis and assessment of inter-system communication capabilities,
  • selection and validation of the inter-system communication protocol,
  • technical consultancy in the field of subsystems and components,
  • comprehensive analysis of the components market, ]modernization recommendations,
  • a complementary integration and technical audit,
  • certification.

In order to obtain details of the offer or pricing for a specific implementation or integration, please contact the office which will redirect the case to the appropriate person from the technical department.

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