The activity of Pelixar Spółka Akcyjna (Pelixar S.A.) covers the unmanned systems sector, in particular unmanned aircraft solutions. The company deals with the medium-series production of original components and drones, as well as individual solutions optimized for detailed user requirements. The recipient both domestically and abroad is industry, companies and public institutions. The key areas of provided solutions are: search and rescue, measurement and detection, security and monitoring, technical supervision and inspections. Each sold solution is thoroughly researched and tested to meet exorbitant technical requirements and to have unique reliability and functionality.

Idea and mission of the company

Competitiveness in this emerging sector requires that the company selects all the key competences of the founders and the team to ensure efficient management and effective development towards innovative and unique solutions. Pelixar S.A. creates a team with complementary competencies, who gained their experience in the unmanned aircraft industry by building or developing such well-known companies as: aiRPAS Group, PWC, Cervi Robitics, Servo Code, DroGEOon.

The purpose of Pelixar S.A.’s activity is: Mid-series production of innovative components and unmanned devices (drones). Low-volume production of complex unmanned systems. Individual realization of orders in the form of production and sales of a dedicated system together with implementation, training and service. The offer is addressed to domestic and foreign industry, private companies, public institutions and services.

Specialization and performance

Pelixar S.A. stands for high specialization and unique and proven solutions. Implementation of demanding orders for industry and other professional partners, as well as prototype solutions and research and development projects. Key areas of activity are: Search and rescue of missing and drowning persons. Area measurements and detection of threats. Protection of property and monitoring of strategic objects. Technical supervision of critical infrastructure and industrial inspections. As well as support of the above mentioned by systems based on artificial intelligence.

The power of science – innovation

Pelixar S.A. is a committed team with vast theoretical and practical knowledge. The strength of the company is continuous development, research projects and investments in innovation. The company and team members have cooperated or participated in many recognized
research and development projects. The result of this activity is continuous improvement of qualifications and experience in the field of unmanned systems.


A unique combination of competence and experience of the team, together with extensive knowledge of the current state of technology, gives the company unlimited prospects for building a strong market position in the dynamically developing unmanned aircraft industry. Pelixar S.A. is a team with much broader competencies than the scope of the company’s activities, including among others: Implementation of unmanned systems in many countries around the world. Participation in numerous research and development projects. Work on aviation regulations as CAA experts. Support in the creation of search and rescue procedures. Active participation in industry conferences. Practice in test and experimental flights for many manufacturers of drones.


Pelixar S.A. is a comprehensive offer based on advanced components. The most complex individual order may concern: design and prototyping works, research and development works, sales of unmanned system, implementation and integration of the system, training in the use of the purchased system, training in the state authorization, warranty and post-warranty service, modernization with new components and functionalities.