Modernisation and service

The company’s offer includes both modernization and full service of specialized unmanned systems.

In terms of systems provided by Pelixar S.A, we offer full customer support at every stage of unmanned aircraft operation. The modernization service concerns Pelixar and competitive solutions, it includes the expansion of the system or drone with the latest components and functional equipment.

Service service applies to Pelixar solutions, fast and professional service allows you to keep the equipment in constant operational readiness.

The company’s offer includes:

  • Modernization and modification of own unmanned systems,
  • Modernization and modification of competitive solutions,
  • Technical verifications and approvals,
  • Repair service,
  • Warranty and post-warranty service,
  • Technical support in the operation of own systems,
  • Technical support for modernized competitive solutions.

In order to receive details of the offer or quote, please contact the office which will redirect the case to the right person from the technical department.

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