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RTW (Ready to Work) systems ready to work immediately after delivery. These are tools equipped with the latest components available on the market in the most advanced specification. All sold drones undergo detailed testing tests and drive units are initially tested on the dynamometer.
All our drones have a modular design that allows their further modifications and technical updates. We provide full technical and operational support to the systems we offer.

Pelixar-ico-dron antysmogowy B
Pelixar LMA – Lotniczy Monitoring Atmosfery
Pelixar LMA – Lotniczy Monitoring Atmosfery 2
Pelixar LMA – Lotniczy Monitoring Atmosfery 4
Pelixar LMA – Lotniczy Monitoring Atmosfery 6
Pelixar LMA – Lotniczy Monitoring Atmosfery 3

Pelixar AAMS – Aerial Atmosphere Monitoring System

The Aviation Atmospheric Monitoring System is the original and original solution of Pelixar S.A. It was created in cooperation with leading scientific institutions in the country.

The drone is two-tasked, it is used to detect emission sources arising from the combustion of non-permitted substances, and to perform a multi-point measurement raid with parameter registration.The data obtained from the measurement raid are used for numerical imaging in the form of a map of the local distribution of atmospheric pollution. This allows you to precisely determine the size of the smog cloud, the directions of its displacement, the place of its condensation and the prediction of the phenomenon.

It is a modern tool for JST (Local Government Units) allowing for a better understanding of the phenomenon of smog, including the identification of: major issuers, places of formation, urban air corridors, directions of movement, condensation places, decomposition points. Thanks to the mounted camera, it can also be used for the needs of local Crisis Management Services.

This is the first such solution in the world that was presented during the COP24 Climate Summit in Katowice and at the Rev3Days Conference in France on the Third Technological Revolution.

Drone Pelixar LMA is equipped depending on the version: in the tested and calibrated proprietary module for remote reading and recording of parameters: dust PM2,5 and PM10 suspended, thermometer, hygrometer, GPS position, video camera with 10x optical zoom, video transmission in FHD resolution.

Parameter registration takes place on the unmanned board and is sent to the operator’s station enabling real-time read-out so that it can immediately respond to exceeding the parameters in the monitored region. The recording of parameters and geographical position allows for the reconstruction of the unmanned mate mission, which enables later creation of analyzes and studies.

Pelixar S.A. Air atmosphere monitoring systems. they can be equipped with other sensors to measure the composition and parameters of the atmosphere.

  • Aircraft platform:
    • Size: class C750 type X8
    • Diagonal of the arms: 750 mm.
    • Propulsion in X8 system (4-arm coaxial motor system).
    • Reliability: high
    • Propulsion redundancy: yes (possibility of flight with one engine completely fault)
    • Power supply redundancy: yes (2 high-performance drive packages)
    • Control redundancy: yes (automatic safety systems in case of transmitter power loss, transmitter range, targeted and accidental interference.
  • Ground control station:
    • Radio transmitter
    • The sensor unit’s receiver with display
    • High-resolution (HD) video broadcasting module
    • High resolution onboard camera monitor
  • Transport modules
  • Technical and operational documentation.
  • maximum forward speed: 100 km/h
  • maximum load: up to 3 kg
  • maximum flight time: 20 minutes
  • maximum take-off mass (TOM): 11,5 kg
  • maximum air temperature: + 35°C
  • minimum air temperature: – 25°C
  • maximum wind speed: 60 km/h
  • precipitation: none

Measurement of concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter

Measurement of humidity and air temperature.

The Pelixar LMA is equipped with a professional laser sensor for measuring the amount of particulate matter. It is equipped with a fan to intake atmospheric air. This results in high accuracy and stable and repeatable measurements. The measurement is made for the following parameters: PM2.5 and PM10. The sensor is very responsive (less than 10 seconds) to environmental pollution changes. It normally reports measurements every 1 second.

Type of measurements: PM2.5, PM10
Range of measurements: 0 – 999.9 μg /ml
Operating temperature: up to -10 to +50C
Humidity (operation): Max. 70% (steam condensation distorts measurements) Measurement accuracy: 70% for 0.3μm 98% for 0.5μm
Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS
* Notes on the lifespan of the device:
Professional particulate matter sensors are equipped with a high quality laser diode, which has a lifetime of approximately 8000 operating hours.

Temperature measurement range: -40…+125°C; error ± 0.2°C
Humidity measuring range: 0…100% RH; error ± 0.3% RH
* * Notes on the service life of the device:
It is characterized by high reliability and long-term stability. The sensor allows for a resistive measurement of humidity and temperature. The sensor provides well calibrated readings thanks to the coefficients contained in the program memory.

from 50.000 PLN brutto for the RTW set (ready to work)

Pelixar-ico-dron ratunkowy B
Pelixar SAR – Lotnicze Poszukiwanie i Ratownictwo 1

Pelixar SAR
– Air Search and Rescue

The Air Search and Rescue System for operations on water and land is an innovative and fully proprietary solution of Pelixar S.A. It was created in close cooperation with WOPR and in consultations with SAR

The drone is three-task and is used to: perform SAR (Search & Rescue) operations on water and on ice, to search for missing persons in hard-to-reach areas, to deliver the AED device to a critical place.

The system enables: locating a survivor or a person drowning, verifying the threat, direct delivery of rescue measures, towing the endangered person to the nearest safe place.

It is an effective tool supporting operations of services such as SAR, WOPR, State Fire Service, Police in search and rescue operations. This solution has a positive effect on tactical recognition, response time to the threat, speed of implementation of actions taken, safety of rescuers.

This is the first such device in the world, competitive solutions allow only searching and some of them enable the discharge of a self-inflating rescue buoy in the vicinity of a person drowning. Our solution allows you to enter a buoy or rescue belt directly to a person drowning or castaway and to take a person in danger of being towed to the nearest safe place. The equipment underwent demanding fitness tests and positively underwent verification of the search and rescue procedure.

Drone Pelixar SAR is equipped depending on the version in: thermal imaging camera, video camera with 10-33x optical zoom, video transmission in FHD resolution, towing mechanism with the possibility of releasing the latch, rescue mechanism dropping mechanism, buoy or rescue belt, signaling buoy, warning lights.

  • Current technical specification in preparation.
  • Please contact us for more details.

Pelixar SAR-W – in the version and the accessories designed for water rescue and stationing on the beach in constant readiness – not foldable version.

Pelixar SAR-I – folding version and the accessories for ice rescue and carrying on board a rescue vehicle.

from 55.000 PLN brutto for the RTW set (ready to work)

Pelixar-ico-dron-inspekcyjny B
Pelixar LSI – Lotniczy System Inspekcyjno-Pomiarowy 6
Pelixar LSI – Lotniczy System Inspekcyjno-Pomiarowy 4

Pelixar LSI
– Air Inspection and Measurement System

The LSI Air Inspection and Measurement System is a proprietary solution from Pelixar S. A was created based on the experience of the R&D project conducted by the leading world certification company DNV-GL and upgraded version came in cooperation with Marine Technology.
Most value of LSI is the very high resistance to electromagnetic interference and the concentration of large quantities of metals.
The solution is based on the world latest sensors and measuring equipment.

The drone has multitask designation:
• Industrial and critical infrastructures inspections,
• Numerical terrain measurements,
• Object and technical equipment mapping.

The device can be used for:
• Photogrammetric airstrike for numerical imagery of terrain,
• Terrain volume measurements,
• Bulk material stock accounting,
• Optical inspection by a visible or thermal light camera,
• Mappings by using a LIDAR 3D laser scanner for the technical condition of objects and devices.

LSI it is the modern tool for certification companies, technical surveyors and operators of various sea and land constructions or installations. The System allows for faster execution of work, savings for the contractor inspection, easy access for inspect of hard-to-reach places.
The Pelixar LSI drone depend of the version is equipped with the RTK module, PPK module, LIDAR 3D scanner, thermal imaging camera, 10-33x optical zoom video camera, FHD video streaming, navigation and warning lights.

  • System in the process of technical implementation testing ( defining the actual technical parameters).
  • Current and full technical specification in preparation.

Please contact us for more details.

Pelixar LSI-V:
The basic model of an inspection system equipped with high-resolution visible light cameras for observation of technical devices, monitoring area or objects of interest.

Pelixar LSI-T:
Extended inspection system model equipped with thermal imaging cameras for observation of technical devices, monitoring area or objects of interest in the thermal infrared band.

Pelixar LSI-L:
Advanced model of inspection and measurement system equipped with LIDAR for precise environmental mapping.

Pelixar LSI-G:
Professional and highly advanced inspection and measurement system equipped with LIDAR and high-resolution coupled visible light camera, precise INS inertial navigation system and advanced Hypack® data processing software. The LSI-G system is developed in cooperation with Marine Technology sp. z o.o., the leader on the Polish market among measurement solutions.

Marine Technology sp. z o.o..o. is a company specializing in the building of surface unmanned systems, hydrographic measurements and research and development activities. It creates and defines trends on the measurement market. It is the exclusive representative of Hypack in Poland, software for integration and processing of Hypack® spatial data and INS system. The Hypack software is a complete production line that allows you to plan work in the office, perform field measurements and process and analyze the collected measurement data.

from 45.000 PLN brutto for the RTW set (ready to work)

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