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12.09.2021 SAR drone successful tests in Germany

With our Pelixar SAR drone technology we have conducted a simulated water rescue operation at the guarded sea bathing area of ​​the city of Bansin.

At the demonstration there were representatives of:
  • district and local emergency medical services,
  • DRC rescue district,
  • local volunteer fire brigade,
  • local Wasserwacht,
  • local authorities.
We have demonstrated some of the drone functionalities:
  • flight with a rolled rescue buoy rope,
  • passing the rescue buoy on the water,
  • direct pass of a rescue buoy to the survivor,
  • drop of a pneumatic rescue buoy,
  • release of the tow line from the drone,
  • rupture of tow line “safety”,
  • simulation of towing an aggressive drowning person.
The lifeguard simulating a drowning man did:
  • jerking the rescue buoy and the tow,
  • resist towing,
  • used legs on shallower water to increase resisting,
  • blocking of the drone until the security of the foyer raptured, remaining with the safety buoy in his hands.

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