Comprehensive unmanned aircraft solutions

The development in this modern and prospective sector requires a specific approach in developing technical solutions and integrating their unique features into comprehensive systems. Each member of the Pelixar S.A. team is a leading specialist in his or her field with successes in Poland and around the world, which results in the achievement of the assumed goals, including major technical challenges. The scope of the company’s activities covers the following areas.

We realize orders for industry, companies and institutions. The key areas are: search and rescue, measurement and detection, protection and monitoring, technical supervision and inspection of critical infrastructure.

Pelixar S.A. is able to execute technically demanding and complex orders. The most compound order may consist of: design and prototyping, reconnaissance or full research and development works, sales of an unmanned system, implementation and integration of the system, training for state authorization and maintenance of the purchased system, warranty and post-warranty service, modernization with new components and functionalities.