Collaborations and partnerships include:

  • Execution of system orders and implementations.
  • Conducting research and development projects.
  • Development of new products and components.
  • Technical integration of new technologies.
  • Development of specialized studies and operational procedures.
  • Joint participation in trade fairs and media promotion.

For more detailed information please contact COO – Sebastian Nowicki mob. +48 501 120 906

Technical cooperation

CEDD conducts the Integration of the unmanned aerial vehicle environment in the test area. Its aim is to create conditions for the stable development of unmanned technologies and their integration into the economic and transport ecosystem. At CEDD, we test our solutions as part of the operation of DronHub cells such as “Environment” and “Safety”.


KenBit manufactures, supplies and implements IT solutions for NATO troops and public administration. It also offers the integration of analogue and digital communication systems, radio-spectrum monitoring, mobile communication nodes and battlefield control systems. With KenBIT, as a consortium member, we carry out projects commissioned by the Polish Army.

AMZ Kutno

AMZ Kutno manufactures vehicles with special purpose bodies. These are solutions for the Polish Army, Police and Ambulance Service. With AMZ Kutno, as a consortium member, we’re carrying out a project commissioned by the Polish Army.


DroneHUb - drone garage automation solution provider. We offer full integration and implementation of the garage for all industrial UAV applications.

Advanced Protection Systems

Advanced Protection Systems - provider of perimeter protection systems for industry and the military. Protection offerings include anti-drone and airborne intruder early warning systems. Pelixar offers system integration towards cooperation with proprietary aerial systems.


Andy - provider of professional sensors and measurement equipment. We integrate these solutions into measurement drones.

Marine Technology Sp. z o.o

Marine Technology Sp. z o.o - provider of professional systems for hydrography, geospatial and spatial information data management, the only authorized supplier of HyPack measurement systems, designed for multimodal integration of data from aerial laser scanning and multi-beam probes. It offers professional unmanned hydrographic systems. We offer support in the integration of UAV and USV systems and the use of received data.