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Yesterday, the 3-day intensive Search and Rescue Workshops with the use of drones, organised by the Sopot Volunteer Water Rescue Service (WOPR) ended.
The workshops were attended by GOPR, WOPR, SAR and PSP units from all over Poland.

We were present as a partner with a lecture on changes in aviation law and flight rules. We performed a series of tests and demonstrations of our solutions’ technologies. We also provided assistance in the development of practical flight skills.

The West Pomeranian WOPR came with its own Pelixar SAR MRe X8 drone and carried out many demonstrations and tests on it. Including the test of delivery from the beach to the boat of a rescue kit weighing 5 kg (with a drone weighing 5.5 kg)

Thank you for inviting us

*We borrowed a few photos from the participants.

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Our first tests to verify the possibility of performing comprehensive environmental measurements using one Pelixar MRe X8 aerial module

As part of the tests, the following measurements were taken:

  • Aerial air pollution measurements.

* Pelixar MPA v.3 sensor

  • Aerial measurements of water pollution and its distribution using a 5-channel multispectral camera.

* MicaSense RedEdge MX sensor

  • Aerial remote water sampling.

* SAMPLO v.1 drop bucket

After the tests, the following analytical works were carried out:

  • Wojciech Chwiałkowski PhD – testing of water samples, Advanced Environmental Analysis Laboratory
  • Paweł Burdziakowski PhD – analysis of MS material, Gdańsk University of Technology

The result of the test and research is a report prepared for the needs of the Pelixar LSM project in the Port of Gdynia

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Pelixar LMS drone – customer Gdańsk University of Technology * Aerial Environmental Monitoring
At the request of PG, we developed a dedicated solution for aerial measurements of Light Pollution

Measurement of light emission in agglomerations is a new field of research in the world, in this area the first technologies and legal regulations are being developed.

PG is a leader in this research in Poland and has achieved international success in the field of:

  • innovative multisensory measurement technology;
  • development of a methodology for measuring pollution;
  • international publications, including the prestigious NATURE.

The drone is equipped with the following measurement sensors:

  • Sony DLSM RGB high sensitivity camera
  • Micasense RedEdge MX multispectral camera
  • Micasense RedEdge MX Blue multispectral camera
  • Micasense DLS sensor.1
  • MK350D Compact spectrometer
  • SQM light meter

It is another drone developed for measuring environmental pollution, after the drone for measuring air pollution and the drone for measuring water pollution, which will be offered soon.
There are links to the publication in the comments.

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WebSummit 2021 – Lisbona, Portugalia

We are present with the company stand and the speech of our CEO. This event is the world’s largest exchange of companies and new technologies.

First of all, it is a place where you can directly meet the representatives of global brands, VC funds and companies wishing to establish cooperation. We are positively surprised by the number and quality of the talks.

There are 4 trade fair halls and 1 concert hall. The world’s biggest names and largest companies are present, e.g .: Siemens, Apple, Galp, Amazon, Shell, Facebook, Skydio, Microsoft, Cisco, Google.

There are also national stands, including a Polish stands. This is another element of building a global brand for us.

It was definitely worth coming here, especially since on the first morning, before the congress started, the whole team was surfing at Peniche, the top location.

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CIPREA21 Spain Cordoba 15-17.10.2021

3rd International Congress on Drowning Prevention. The Sopot WOPR & Pelixar SA with an expert presentation on the use of UAVs in water rescue.

This is the most important event on this subject in Europe and the first since the pandemic was announced.

9 thematic areas: Prevention, Data, Teaching swimming and water safety, Emergency Medical Rescue, Disasters and the impact of climate change, Migrants and refugees, Innovation, Sports, UAVS

Quote from the conference programme:

“According to the World Health Organisation, more than 40 people die every hour in the world as a result of drowning, giving a total of 372,000 a year. Since 2015, over 2,400 deaths have occurred in Spain from drowning in water, most of which could have been prevented. These data show the need to join forces in the search for strategies that will help prevent and reduce deaths in the aquatic environment.”

This is the 3rd conference on water rescue in which we participate, always with a presentation.

  • 11.2019 Szczecin – 1st International Congress of the Polish Water Rescue Federation
  • 10.2020 Gdynia – 3rd On Duty Conference
  • 10.2021 CIPREA Cordoba – 3rd International Congress on Drowning Prevention CIPREA

Spain is strongly developing its seaside resort rescue equipment with drone systems. We will be here in 05.2022 with demonstrations of the Pelixar SAR MRe drone, we look forward to building successful relationships.

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The first individual international Pelixar fair

The fair was opened by the Prime Minister of France – Jean Castex

The stands were visited by the Minister of Industry – Agnes Pannier Runacher

The mayor spoke at the stand promoting the city of Lion.

We are present as 1 of 2 companies from Poland.

The fair is huge, there are 6 large exhibition halls.

The halls are stuffed with various tech companies.

One hall is only robotics, one hall is only the production and processing of materials, one hall is only production automation.

Our hall No. 1 is the entrance hall and is called Smart Tech

Only walking around all halls gives 4.5 km

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02.2021 – Politechnika Gdańska – profile FLNP

This is one of the most interesting projects that gave us a lot of satisfaction from work and has an educational dimension.

At PG, the FLNP profile, implemented by the Department of Geodesy of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is launched. * Low Altitude Aerial Photogrammetry

As part of the educational equipment for practical classes, we have prepared two UAVs (drones):

  • Pelixar MRe 4X EduFly
  • Pelixar MRe 4X EduLab

We have trained the academic staff. And we have developed a set of technical guides. We wish the students of that profile a lot of fun in learning.

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“On Duty” Conference

16-17.10.2020 the Conference “On Duty”

A day of lectures on water rescue.
Rescue equipment testing day.

Together with Sopot WOPR we had a presentation.
We had tests accompanied by West Pomeranian WOPR.
Together with Julia Sieńkowska we demonstrated a fight.

These were another successful tests of the Pelixar aSAR functional drone prototype for search and rescue tasks developed within the R&D project. During the conference, taking advantage of the presence of the elite of the national water rescue team, we conducted the first simulations of towing a drones with the help of an innovative rescue boycott dedicated to drones, developed by Julia Sieńkowska as part of her thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
The tests took place in the presence and with the participation of rescuers.
Towing and testing of rescue buoys were performed together with two rescuers.
We collected a positive assessment and a huge amount of expertise.

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LMŚ (Aviation Environmental Monitoring) – We are carrying out a project with the Port of Gdańsk

The project – LMŚ (Aviation Environmental Monitoring) – is carried out with the Port of Gdańsk

We started a new project with Port Gdansk. As part of the project, we will develop and deliver a drone solution for monitoring pollution or water contamination in the port channel and the port quay, with the option of controlling the port anchorage.
Thanks to this solution, port water control in the form of monitoring and intervention is to become faster and more effective.

The project also has an ecological dimension, which is important for many of us, to whom support for environmental protection activities is close.
Ultimately, the solution can be useful for measuring contamination or soil pollution.
The potential exists also in other applications.

The technology is planned for use on a drone:
– Multispectral sensors > Remote analysis
– WTW probe > direct measurement
– remote water scoop > Karol Makowski & Ryszard Staniszewski
– dual video link (direct + GSM) > Securo

The cooperation within the project includes:
– Laboratory of Advanced Environmental Analysis
– Wojciech Chwiałkowski, PhD > Head of R&D at Elbląg Technology Park
– dr inż. Paweł Burdziakowski > lecturer at the Gdansk University of Technology
– Eng. Karol Makowski > Warmie company
– Prof. UPP Dr. Ryszard Staniszewski, Eng.
Head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection at Poznań University of Life Sciences
– Andrzej Załuski > Securo company

The technology and methodology of environmental measurements planned for this project is certainly groundbreaking.