10th International IFAC Conference

The 10th International Conference of IFAC will take place in Poland at the Gdańsk University of Technology..
This is one of the most prestigious R & D scientific conferences (research and development projects) on the subject of AI (artificial intelligence) with application in the field of robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). We are present at the conference as a partner of the 3-Sat Ikar scientific project (a measuring and research drone for stratospheric flights). - our CTO Mariusz Pułas is the scientific supervisor of the project. - our CRADO Paweł Burdziakowski is a co-author of a scientific study which will be presented at the conference. Publication of the study will take place soon. #VHAMAV (Very High Altitude Micro Air Vehicle) WELCOME
#VHAMAV (Very High Altitude Micro Air Vehicle) ZAPRASZAMY http://konsulting.gda.pl/iav2019/web/page/invitation?fbclid=IwAR0wTKRtDPEnzJqDSDhWQw9r_pefZt4y5HDRsgb7vKh3XpTmqZBSD7S1ohU  

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