CIPREA21 Spain Cordoba 15-17.10.2021

3rd International Congress on Drowning Prevention. The Sopot WOPR & Pelixar SA with an expert presentation on the use of UAVs in water rescue.

This is the most important event on this subject in Europe and the first since the pandemic was announced.

9 thematic areas: Prevention, Data, Teaching swimming and water safety, Emergency Medical Rescue, Disasters and the impact of climate change, Migrants and refugees, Innovation, Sports, UAVS

Quote from the conference programme:

“According to the World Health Organisation, more than 40 people die every hour in the world as a result of drowning, giving a total of 372,000 a year. Since 2015, over 2,400 deaths have occurred in Spain from drowning in water, most of which could have been prevented. These data show the need to join forces in the search for strategies that will help prevent and reduce deaths in the aquatic environment.”

This is the 3rd conference on water rescue in which we participate, always with a presentation.

  • 11.2019 Szczecin – 1st International Congress of the Polish Water Rescue Federation
  • 10.2020 Gdynia – 3rd On Duty Conference
  • 10.2021 CIPREA Cordoba – 3rd International Congress on Drowning Prevention CIPREA

Spain is strongly developing its seaside resort rescue equipment with drone systems. We will be here in 05.2022 with demonstrations of the Pelixar SAR MRe drone, we look forward to building successful relationships.

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