COP24 conference as part of CEDD on the last day of the Climate Summit in Katowice

Today the COP24 conference takes place as part of CEDD* on the last day of the Climate Summit in Katowice.

The topic is the possibility of using unmanned systems to fight for the improvement of air quality in urban agglomerations.

We presented our position on the development of air measurement methodologies, which are being developed jointly by the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Elbląg City Hall. Another of the presented issues was the analysis of obtained measurement data in the form of spatial numerical maps of air pollution. We obtained the presented data from the low ceiling air monitoring carried out with the use of the Pelixar LMA drone. We recommended that further development of this technology should be carried out within the competence and capabilities of CEDD. * CEDD - Central European Drone Demonstrator

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