Flood – life threatening – drone test

We present our test for the possibility of using the Pelixar SAR drone in the event of floods or floods. It is a drone originally adapted for search and rescue operations for WOPR and SAR units in the coastal belt of water reservoirs such as sea bathing. The simulation was carried out using a person pretending to be abducted by a river current. The test was positive and gave us a lot of new data needed to further improve this product and procedures. The helper was located, direct rescue measures were carried out in the form of a buoy, the person at risk was towed to the nearest safe place. We consider the test passed and the application promising. _ The test was carried out together with the video recording. The test was good enough that we decided to use its potential and made it an online viral. Reach marketing assumptions have been implemented. Video during the day reached 16 thousand views on YouTube and good results on many other portals. Media monitoring showed 47 thousand views. _ Of course, we also received a whole lot of hate, some of which were creative and showed us how little awareness is about the work of lifeguards and their needs. As expected, the largest hate was from the drone environment, which also proved to be an expert in the field of water rescue. Fortunately, WOPR and SAR know their work and more and more bathing areas in Europe are equipped with more or less advanced drones to support SAR operations. _ Implementation: helper - Marcin Swystun - CEO Pelixar S.A. pilot - Mariusz Pułas - CTO Pelixar S.A. video drone - Adam Sienkiewicz video smartphone - some foreigner viral production - Op1.pl media distribution and monitoring - Odado.pl Thank you for your support in sharing viral.

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