LMŚ (Aviation Environmental Monitoring) – We are carrying out a project with the Port of Gdańsk

The project - LMŚ (Aviation Environmental Monitoring) - is carried out with the Port of Gdańsk

We started a new project with Port Gdansk. As part of the project, we will develop and deliver a drone solution for monitoring pollution or water contamination in the port channel and the port quay, with the option of controlling the port anchorage. Thanks to this solution, port water control in the form of monitoring and intervention is to become faster and more effective. The project also has an ecological dimension, which is important for many of us, to whom support for environmental protection activities is close. Ultimately, the solution can be useful for measuring contamination or soil pollution. The potential exists also in other applications. The technology is planned for use on a drone: - Multispectral sensors > Remote analysis - WTW probe > direct measurement - remote water scoop > Karol Makowski & Ryszard Staniszewski - dual video link (direct + GSM) > Securo The cooperation within the project includes: - Laboratory of Advanced Environmental Analysis - Wojciech Chwiałkowski, PhD > Head of R&D at Elbląg Technology Park - dr inż. Paweł Burdziakowski > lecturer at the Gdansk University of Technology - Eng. Karol Makowski > Warmie company - Prof. UPP Dr. Ryszard Staniszewski, Eng. Head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection at Poznań University of Life Sciences - Andrzej Załuski > Securo company The technology and methodology of environmental measurements planned for this project is certainly groundbreaking.

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