Visit of the Prime Minister to Pelixar

Visit of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the seat of Pelixar S.A. in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. The Prime Minister listened to the report on the state of the national unmanned aerial systems industry and its development prospects by CEO Marcin Swystun. The Prime Minister's message to the media comes down to the most important conclusion: - For the new industry, which is specialized drone solutions, in its initial phase of development, the most important is domestic internal consumption. This is the key element for building technological and economic advantage in countries such as the USA, Japan, Germany, Israel and China. There, the StartUp's are able to sell even complex technology to their domestic customers already in the initial phase of development. As a result, they build their success, experience and portfolio for foreign sales. Thanks to domestic sales from the start, they have the means for organic development, rapid growth and R&D activities. Therefore, the Prime Minister's appeal boils down to calling on public administration, state services and treasury companies to direct their attention to the domestic offer of drone system solutions. In Poland, the approach of e.g. services is such that they most often choose less functional and more expensive to buy and use popular Chinese products. These are mostly drones that do not meet the global security standards for use in operational activities of the services but are easy to buy because they are widely known and do not require any further study when creating a tender. Meanwhile, we have several excellent drone manufacturers and excellent engineering staff in the country. The advantage of Polish drone solutions is: - greater stability of the airborne flight system. - Greater safety in flight. - Simple modification and upgrade of the product. - maintaining the warranty for product changes. - lower operating costs. - quick and professional service. - professional technical support. - continuity of technical service. And the possibility of integrating the offered drone system with the technical infrastructure of the recipient. Translated with (free version)  

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