R&D projects

Research and development is the strongest development engine in the technology industry. The company’s history and activities of our founders include a rich catalog of completed R & D projects. We run R & D projects from our own resources, at the request of entities and co-financed from grant funds.

Our team includes also active scientists in the field of technical sciences, constantly publishing in renowned magazines. Thanks to international contacts with scientific units and leading researchers, we can follow the most important advances in science and the current state of the art.

On the account of the founders, several large R & D projects implemented in the field of advanced unmanned systems.

Oferta firmy obejmuje prowadzenie i podwykonawstwo w realizowanych projektach badawczo-rozwojowych z dziedziny bezzałogowego lotnictwa, w szczególności:

  • tests and measurements,
  • preparation of results,
  • verification of the results available,
  • scientific consultations in the field of project innovation,
  • implementation of new functionalities to existing systems,
  • design and development of components,
  • design and development of systems.

The current portfolio and description of completed projects is under preparation. In order to receive details of the offer or quote, please contact the office which will redirect the case to the right person from the technical department.

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