Scientists from the 3rd High School in Gdynia

Congratulations to young scientists from the 3rd High School in Gdynia. On Saturday 20.10.2018 another goal in the R&D project was realized, which was to fly in a unmanned plane from the beginning of the stratosphere and land exactly in the indicated place. The drone was taken at a height of 11.5 km AGL by a meteorological balloon; meteorological samples and biological material were placed on board of the RPA. It is a tiny step for mankind, a small step for unmanned aviation, an average step for meteorological measurements in the upper layers of the atmosphere, but a big step for these young ambitious people and their future.
We are proud to support this project from the technical side as well as from the coordination of airspace availability. A large team of people, companies and institutions is involved in the project. Soon a full report on the implementation and progress of this flight. The next step is the height of 30km, i.e. the end of denser atmospheric layers..

From our side we would like to thank the ASM team from PAŻP, especially Henryk Główka, Maciej Włodarczyk, Rafał Paprocki.

They trusted us

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