Stratosferic flight: balloon + drone = IKAR

The next stage of the balloon + drone project = IKAR stratospheric flight.

Saturday 20.10.2018 was set for the next flight operation with the participation of hybrid stratospheric airborne system HAMAVS* (High Altitude Micro Air Vehicle System), this system combines the functionality of a stratospheric meteorological balloon and an unmanned aircraft.

This combination, unlike current stratospheric balloon measurements, allows to bring the functional charge (research material) by means of an unmanned aircraft to a designated place. Currently, the airdrops end up in an adventure area, which results in a tedious search for the container.

We believe that this innovative research and measurement method can revolutionize meteorological and biological measurements in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The IKAR drone flight planned for Saturday is the next stage of the 3-SAT educational project created by the staff and high school students from the 3rd High School in Gdynia.

Pelixar S.A. technically and organizationally supports this R&D project.

* HAMAVS - suggested target name for the system.

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