The Pelixar team

Pelixar S.A. consists of a team with complementary competences necessary to execute the most difficult projects, represented by leaders in the drone systems and robotics industry.

The team’s competencies and experience include:

  • extensive industry experience,
  • understanding of the market and technical requirements of projects,
  • creating solutions unique in the world,
  • speaking at international conferences and trade fairs,
  • consulting as experts in the development of aviation legislation and procedures,
  • knowledge and understanding of the current state of the art,
  • conducting implementations of unmanned systems,
  • participation in research and development projects,
  • practical experience in test and experimental flights on many types of drones,
  • many years of training experience.

The right people in the right place

Marcin Swystun

co founder CEO - president of the board - general director Więcej

Sebastian Nowicki

co founder COO - Chief Operating Officer Więcej

Mariusz Pułas

co founder CTO - director of the technology department Więcej

Paweł Burdziakowski

co founder CRADO - Research and Development Director Więcej

Adam Wiśniewski

co founder Support and international contacts Więcej

Vadym Melnyk

co founder Technical support and software Więcej